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NTI Condensing Boiler

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NTI Trinity TI

The superb efficiencies and state-of-the-art combustion systems of the Trinity means little heat is wasted, less natural gas or propane is used, and homeowners save money when installed by Aire One.

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The unparalleled NTI combustion system
  • NTI’s Trinity combustion system produces the highest industry modulation rates – allowing the Trinity to modulate the burner to the exact size required to meet the conditions of the system.
  • The Trinity incorporates an electronic state-of-the-art combustion system to reduce the amount of gas that is injected into the burner, to ensure proper combustion throughout the full range of modulation.
  • The Trinity also compensates for extended venting – adjustments are not required between short and long vent runs.
  • The Trinity is a totally sealed combustion system – all combustion air is drawn from outside, used for combustion and then expelled. This eliminates any need for fresh air intake into the room, thereby decreasing heating costs.


  • High-capacity heat exchanger coil provides ample hot water for every household need, at very low cost
  • Built to last a lifetime!
  • Meets and exceeds North American energy and emission regulations
  • All mechanical components and sophisticated controls are conveniently located and accessible by simply unsnapping access panels
  • Available in natural gas or propane versions
  • Advanced ignition system, and top-quality heat exchanger
  • State-of-the-art sealed modulation combustion system with hot surface ignition
  • Patented 31 6L stainless steel condensing heat exchanger provides ultimate efficiencies
  • All connections are conveniently located for ease of installation
  • Wall mount configurations saves floor space
  • Vents easily with conventional ABS or CPVC plastic piping
  • Condenser does not use aluminum but is constructed from stainless steel
  • Distinctive casing design reduces costly standby losses, while virtually eliminating combustion noises
  • High-capacity heat exchanger coil provides ample domestic hot water
  • The Trinity is certified, designed and rated to strict CSA, AGA, and CSAus codes
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